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Fully managed. Hassle-free. Custom designs. Easy payments.

Planning and managing a remodel is a huge undertaking. Coordinating design direction, contractors, timelines, and payments can become time-consuming and be unknown territory for many. Whether you have a fixer-upper on your hands or a great home that just needs a little love, we can work with you on any renovation.

Our team is comprised of talented, local project directors and in-house designers who can make the vision of your dream home come to life, all while staying within your budget. They are passionate about merging custom, bespoke upgrades with the unique character and charm of your home. Additionally, if you already have approved plans from your architect or designer, a Freemodel project manager can manage and execute any project.

Your remodel, fully managed from start to finish.


Smart Planning

We collaborate with you to develop your design preferences, meet your functional needs, and bring your unique vision to life.

Reliable Quote

We deliver a fixed-bid quote that will not change without your consent, ensuring that there are no surprises at the end.

Great Remodel

We engage with fully vetted contractors in your area and oversee progress on the remodel—so you don’t have to!

Easy Payments

Freemodel bills the homeowner equal installments every two weeks over the lifetime of the project. If the scope changes along the way, installment payments may also change to reflect the added work.

  • Let us manage your remodel and make the process smooth and simple.

    Let us manage your remodel and make the process smooth and simple.

    Your Freemodel project director will manage your post-sale renovation from start to finish, working with local subcontractors and delivery schedules to ensure that your remodel stays on schedule and within budget.

  • Creating your “forever home” doesn’t have to take forever!

    Creating your “forever home” doesn’t have to take forever!

    Freemodel can start the renovation and design process while the home is in contract, so that work can begin as soon as you receive the keys.

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