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We’re your trusted partner.

Our approach relies on your knowledge and guidance. And when homeowners win, so do you. Freemodel markets exclusively through individual agents and brokerages. When homeowners come to us directly, we refer them to our top agents without any fees.

How Freemodel Benefits Agents

Sell faster
Sell faster

Renovated homes spend less time on the market. That means you’ll spend less effort and energy ushering your listing through to close.

Win more listings
Win more listings

A concierge partner like Freemodel helps you differentiate yourself by offering clients a range of options that match their home selling needs.

Sell for more
Sell for more

Getting your clients a higher than expected return on their investment makes them happy. And happy clients are the lifeblood of the real estate world!

Our Process

Agent provides information

It all starts by simply reaching out.

Our team will immediately schedule a call with you to collect key information about the property and explore our renovation options.

On this call, we’ll discuss the following items:

Scope — Your recommended renovations to maximize sales price

Profit — The property’s as-is value and after-remodel value

Timing — How quickly can we start?

Freemodel captures detailed project scope

Next, we’ll dig a bit deeper with you to assemble a detailed scope of work that will maximize the value of the home. We’ll send one of our project managers on-site to walk the property, take photographs, and capture any critical measurements. From this, we’ll provide you and the homeowner with a detailed project scope for you to review and approve.

Our contractor partners visit the site

To ensure we minimize surprises during the renovation phase, we’ll bring our select contractor partners to visit the property to review the planned project scope and to confirm they’re able to meet the project cost and timeline requirements.

Freemodel provides a fixed bid proposal

Freemodel will provide a fixed bid proposal to the homeowner (also shared with the agent), including an estimate of the potential profit of the project. The bid will include a detailed scope of work broken out by project phase as well as approximate project start and completion dates. The homeowner and the agent are welcomed to provide input on project scope and its impact to home value throughout this process.

Homeowner signs the contract

Once we agree on the scope of work and the fixed bid, the homeowner will sign a contract with Freemodel. The contract will include the exact same scope of work we provide to our contractor partners, so we’ll all be working with the same project expectations.

Freemodel renovates the house

Next, our contractor partners will begin the project on the agreed-upon start date. A dedicated Freemodel project manager will oversee the job and provide you and your seller with a digital project log with regular updates and photos of the completed work.

Agent markets the property

When the renovation is complete, you’ll market the property at the price you and the homeowner determine. We allow 1 year for the home to sell and close, the renovation costs are then due and payable by the homeowner at escrow.

Agent closes the sale

Congratulations — this is the part we’re all working toward! Once the home sells, Freemodel is paid directly out of escrow for the contract amount — no interest of any kind, no more paperwork, and no additional hassle.