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Let us take care of everything.

We Believe

There’s a world where everyone involved in a real estate transaction can win. Freemodel takes the burden off the agent and seller to prepare a home for sale, and the buyer gets a move-in ready home!

How it works


Agent reaches out to Freemodel, shares basic information about the home. A local Project Director is selected and assigned.


Freemodel Project Director, agent, and homeowner do a walkthrough of the property and discuss the scope of work.


Based on the discussion and walkthrough, the Project Director delivers a detailed initial estimate. This is where the project scope can be adjusted.


Approximately one week after the initial estimate is agreed upon, Freemodel delivers a fixed bid, final quote and a contract (after final approval).


Once the contract is signed, Freemodel begins to order materials for the job.


Project Director manages subcontractors, makes all materials purchases, and receives deliveries.


Project Director is the primary point of contact, sends regular updates to agent and homeowner, and delivers a home that is ready for showing.


House is put on the market. We offer up to 1 year for the sale to close, and the homeowner pays out of escrow.