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Pristine Japandi Post-Sale in Venice

Venice, CA

Project Director Susan Lennon on the kitchen and other home upgrades: “The kitchen was closed in by two different doorways, one from the hallway and one from the dining room. We chose to close up the door in the hallway and removed the wall in the dining room, which gave everything a more open feel. Additionally, there were existing painted wood beams in the living room. We loved the look but did not care for the paint, we stripped the beams to their natural state and added a new one over the peninsula in the kitchen in keeping with the continuity of the Spanish style. The home had some existing arched doorways and shelving but we thought it needed more.

The homeowners were really interested in the “Japandi” style. It is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian design, which really focuses on simplicity and clean lines. The only backlash that we added in the kitchen is the white “Star and Cross” tile behind the range. These tiles are a classic style and are stunning anywhere you put them. We added a smooth coat stucco cover for the vent hood over the range and some open shelving for the homeowners to display pottery and other interesting personal items in the kitchen. The arched doorway in the kitchen leads you to the oversized laundry area and door to the backyard. All of the cabinetry throughout the home was custom-made out of "Calico Hickory" with just a clear coat of sealer.

  • Kitchen / Laundry: Remove the entire kitchen to the studs, remove wall to the dining room, remove all flooring, new cabinetry, new open shelving, new appliances, new lighting, new “Saltillo” tile flooring, new peninsula with waterfall Caesarstone countertop, new beam over the peninsula
  • Bathrooms: Remove everything in the bathrooms down to the studs (keep original bathtub)
  • Primary bathroom: Walk-in shower (no shower door), 4x4 Zellige tile/hand-painted tiles for the walls, 2x2 Saltillo tile floor, 2x6 white Zellige tile in a herringbone pattern
  • Floating vanity: Lighting, electrical, toilet, aged brass hardware
  • Family bathroom:, Retile existing arched door shower, 4x4 white Zellige in shower and around bathtub, 4x4 hand painted blue and white tile on back wall, white pebble shower floor, custom made aged metal and glass shower door, floating vanity, lighting, electrical, Saltillo tile floor, aged brass hardware
  • Entire home: Refinish and repair original hardwood flooring, update all sconces throughout the home, paint all interior walls/trim/doors/closets
  • Exterior: Remove side deck and jacuzzi, rebuild side deck, add a new “Eyebrow” over the sliding door to read Spanish style like the original roof
  • Before

  • After

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