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Polished Post-Sale in Houston

Houston, TX

Situated in the historic Houston Heights neighborhood, this captivating 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home underwent a polished post-sale renovation. Freemodel project director Maria Vargas and designer Brooke Moore, worked closely with the homeowners to bring their vision to life within their budget. Maria also enlisted the assistance of the Freemodel Design Services team to ensure that every detail was executed to perfection. Across all rooms, the carpeting was removed and replaced with luxurious vinyl plank installations, the original hardwood got a refreshed appearance, and a new modern front door was installed to welcome guests. The living room's ambiance was enhanced with repaired windows, while the entryway doubled as an innovative office, seeing dramatic layout shifts like the introduction of a fourth wall and a hidden door leading to the foyer. Functional upgrades in the kitchen included freshly painted cabinets, and the missing drywall beneath the stairs was attended to. On the tech-savvy exterior front, the home was equipped with a Google camera and Ring doorbell, ensuring security without compromising on aesthetics. A ceiling fan found its place on the deck for those warm Houston days, and the roof donned new shingles. With a thoughtful investment of $37,686 in renovations, this dwelling was transformed into a masterpiece that fit with the owner's needs and aesthetic preferences!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: carpet removed, luxury vinyl plank installed, hardwood refinished, front door replaced

- Living room: two windows repaired

- Entryway/office: layout changes, fourth wall and secret door to foyer added, replaced dimmers and regular switches

- Kitchen: cabinets repainted

- Stairs: installed missing drywall under stairs

- Exterior: Google camera and Ring doorbell installed, ceiling fan installed on deck, re-shingled roof

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