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About Us

Our founding team has deep experience in both the residential real estate and software industries.

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Why we started Freemodel

We’ve seen firsthand how homeowners get taken advantage of by unscrupulous flippers, and it’s our mission to help them regain control of how they sell their homes.

Selling a house as-is is a bad deal. Buyers are looking for “finished” homes and don’t want to do any cosmetic upgrades before moving in. Houses that need work take longer to sell and sell for less, even in the hottest markets. Agents have to work harder to sell them, and homeowners are often unhappy with the final sale price.

We started Freemodel to help buyers maximize the profits on their homes, because it is likely the biggest asset they’ll ever own.

What we believe

Freemodel’s primary goal is to help homeowners, but agents and contractors are foundational to the real estate industry as well. We believe everyone involved in the home sale process can and should win:

Homeowners should be able to command top dollar for their homes without a huge time commitment or cash outlay.

Agents should be freed up to focus on marketing and pricing strategy and less time prepping a house for sale.

Contractors should be able to focus on their work and less time prospecting.

Our approach

We’re combining our expertise in designing top-quality consumer software and deep knowledge of the home renovation business to streamline all components of pre-sales home renovation. Our software-based marketplace enables our Project Directors to easily handle every aspect of these projects, including design and contractor management, while staying on budget and on time.

Freemodel is based in the heart of Silicon Valley.