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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of renovations does Freemodel do?

We perform most common home renovation work including kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, painting, windows, roof repair, foundation work, HVAC installation and landscaping. We don’t do additions, ground-up construction, or fire damage repair.

What additional services does Freemodel provide?

While our primary goal is to help homeowners maximize the value of their homes, we want to make that journey as easy as possible! This means we often provide additional services such as junk removal, cleaning, and staging — whatever is necessary so the homeowner and agent can focus on selling quickly and for top dollar!

How does Freemodel decide whether to take on a project?

For pre-sale projects, we will only take on projects that we believe will help the home sell faster and yield a profit to the seller. The estimated homeowner profit is the expected after-remodel value minus the as-is value and the project costs.

For post-sale projects, the scope is based on what the new owner would like for their forever home. Post-sale projects are invoiced every two weeks for the duration of the project.

How big a project will Freemodel do?

We like to keep our minimum project size at around $20,000, but please reach out if you have something smaller and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. There is no specific maximum on project size. Freemodel will take on projects where the mortgage balance + the Freemodel project price cannot exceed 80% of the home’s after-remodel value.

How long do projects take to complete?

Project duration depends on the scope of work. We will provide you with approximate start and completion dates and will work hard to meet that schedule.

Do you require the house to be vacant during the project?

For properties that are occupied by the owner, we do not require that the home be vacant while the work is being done. If the property is a rental, there can be no tenants living in the property or tenants with a valid lease and right to return to the property.

In general, if extensive work is being done to the kitchen or baths, it's best if the home is vacant during the work.

Who does the work?

Our network of trusted contractor partners perform the work. Freemodel Project Directors develop the scope of work in consultation with the agent and homeowner, manage the contractors and pay for all finish materials and labor. Freemodel will also create designs, develop architectural plans and get city permits.

How do you choose your contractor partners?

Freemodel vets all of our contractor partners based on their level of experience and past customer feedback. Freemodel is licensed, bonded and insured, and all our work is guaranteed for one year after the completion of the project.

Who designs the project?

The homeowner, agent and Freemodel will collaborate on the project scope and design. We rely on input from agents and homeowners to select the best style to maximize the value of the home. Our in-house design team is available to help our local project managers create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and safe. Our local project managers are talented designers themselves and they work with the in-house design team as needed per project. The design team supports establishing design intention, selection of finished materials, and preparation of construction documentation for building and permitting, as needed.

What types of materials do you use?

Freemodel uses high quality materials for all of our finishes including cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances and fixtures. Our project managers and designers have years of experience selecting the highest quality materials that offer great value and will make the project look beautiful!

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes. Freemodel provides a 1 year warranty on defects in materials and workmanship.

Is the project a fixed bid?

Yes. The Freemodel fixed bid is exactly what the homeowner will pay at close. The one exception is if we discover any items that we could not see during our on-site visit, such as dry rot, damaged plumbing or unsafe electrical wiring inside walls. No change order will be undertaken without the homeowner’s approval.

Do you require a homeowner credit check to qualify?

No. Freemodel does not perform a credit check or background check on the homeowner.

Do you have a minimum income requirement for homeowners?

No. We do not have any income requirements.

How does the homeowner sign the contract?

Freemodel uses digital contracts to make the signing process between Freemodel and the homeowner very easy.

Does Freemodel charge interest or finance fees?

No, Freemodel does not charge any interest or finance fees.

Does Freemodel cost agents anything?

No, Freemodel doesn’t charge agents any fees.

How does Freemodel make money?

Freemodel prices our work similarly to many home renovation services: our payment is built into our fixed bid. Additionally, because we operate at scale, we negotiate great prices for labor and materials, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

Is there a deadline to sell the house? What happens if the house doesn’t sell?

When the renovation is complete, the property will go on the market at the price determined by the agent and homeowner. The house must stay on the market continuously until it sells. We allow 1 year for the home to sell and close.

If the home doesn’t sell in 1 year, we send the homeowner an invoice for our work.

How do the seller and the agent get updated on the progress of the project?

Freemodel Project Directors provide regular email updates and photos of the work completed on the project, so everyone is on the same page about progress and key dates.

Where does Freemodel provide services?

We have Project Directors across California, Texas and Florida. We’re rapidly expanding into additional metro areas. Our locations page is up to date with our service areas.

What are your General Contractor license numbers?

California: 1066986

Florida: CGC1524949