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If you’re an A-list contractor, we’ve got work for you.

We partner with excellent contractors to remodel sellers’ homes so they fetch top dollar.

  • We hire contractors to provide everything from basic paint, carpet, and landscaping to full remodels of kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Real estate agents call us when they have a listing that needs to be fixed up before going on the market. And we call you.
  • Our local project directors define the scope, get bids from you, and manage the projects from beginning to end.
  • Our project directors work with you and the sellers to decide on finish materials and manage work schedules. We handle all of the interactions with the agent and homeowner, so we are your sole point of contact.

We have a steady stream of projects in CA, TX and FL. If you’re the best in your field, we want to work with you!

Why Freemodel?

Easy to work with
Easy to work with

Freemodel project directors are your client, eliminating complicated back and forth with indecisive homeowners. The project scope will already be defined when Freemodel reaches out for a bid from you. Once the bid is accepted, we start projects quickly so they can go on the market.

Quick, easy payments
Quick, easy payments

No long invoicing process — the project director approves all work and requests payment on your behalf. Payments are typically processed within 24 hours and deposited directly into your bank account. The money hits your account within 1-3 business days.

Less marketing hassle
Less marketing hassle

Freemodel markets to real estate agencies to source projects, and we call you when we need you. When you work with us, you’re saving time and money on marketing and finding your next client. Quite possibly you'll be able to fill your calendar via Freemodel jobs and client referrals, eliminating the need to run ads or send out mailers.

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