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Freemodel is San Francisco’s pre-sales home renovation expert, helping agents sell homes for top dollar.

You’ve probably noticed that each of San Francisco’s 36 distinct neighborhoods has its own unique history and architectural style. From colorful old Victorians in NoPa to fog-covered homes in the Outer Sunset to modern apartments in the Design District, this region appeals to all different types of buyers. And we’re here to help your local sellers earn top dollar for their gorgeous properties. Freemodel’s team can get your clients home ready to hit this urban market and offer them an impressive return on their investment.

Freemodel works with several Project Directors in the San Francisco area who have impressive portfolios and trusted connections with local contractors that can help set any remodeling vision into motion. Our team constantly sources materials and supplies from vendors throughout the Bay Area to ensure that every upgrade made is done in a timely manner with attention to detail. We also take into account the home’s unique style, history and surrounding climate. At the end of the day, Freemodel’s team will have the home ready to hit the market within your budget and time frame!


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