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Ryan Steele

Ryan Steele

Project Director

San Francisco

"Like sudoku or crosswords, renovating a home is a puzzle that I love to solve: how can we make the pricing work to do everything we want to do and build an amazing place?"

I have an engineering degree and have been renovating and doing construction in San Francisco since 2001. I started by buying a 3-unit building in the city. I didn’t have the money to hire anyone, so I just started doing these renovations on my own. To do anything major, the guy at the building department said I would really need to have a general contractor’s license, so of course I got one!

I was mostly focused on multi-family apartment buildings and ADU's until recently. I’ve completely rebuilt numerous homes starting with completely new foundations and complete gut remodels. I have renovated well over 100 apartments and built over a dozen ADU's into existing apartment buildings.

In my free time, I like spending time with my 3 teenage kids and doing sports. These days, I have been riding my bikes a lot, mountain biking and road riding. Though my latest adventure has been trying to learn how to line dance. And I always like to travel to new destinations. I'm going to Prague this summer with my middle daughter.

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