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Lara Richmond

Lara Richmond

Project Director

Alameda - East Bay

“I am obsessed with giving properties new life, because homes are the settings where our lives play out.”

My name is Lara Richmond and I am a Project Manager and Interior Designer based in the San Francisco East Bay. I have been remodeling homes for 15 years across markets in Washington, D.C., New York, and San Francisco. I fell in love with residential remodeling during the renovation of my first home, and moved on to study design and architecture at George Washington University. I believe that our external environment has a tremendous impact on our emotional and physical well-being, and I feel good every day about helping people create beautiful and functional spaces for themselves and their families.

I live in a mid-century house in the hills with my husband and our youngest of three boys. With two children launched, I now have more time to travel, see friends, and work on my own home projects. With a fixer-upper of my own, I am never short of weekend activities! I also enjoy all that northern California has to offer, including beaches, wine-tasting, and hiking in the majestic redwood forests.

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