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New Kitchen & Bath for Young Family Post-Sale

Pacifica, CA

With their first child on the way and needing more space, Kevin and Micaela purchased a home right across from a neighborhood park in Pacifica. The location was perfect, but the kitchen and one of the bathrooms needed some improvements if they were going to make it their forever home. Gary Newman from Holmes Burrell Real Estate introduced Kevin and Micaela to Freemodel so we could make the updates before they moved in with their new baby.

Designer and Project Director Samantha Black uncovered the opportunity to rethink both rooms during the first phase of the design process. We opened up the kitchen by removing a wall to the living room and creating a peninsula for more counter space. The bathroom gained extra square footage by relocating the door to incorporate redundant hallway space and moving the toilet and vanity to the other side of the room.

The scope of work for this post-sale remodel included:

  • New layout and finish selections for kitchen and full bathroom
  • Shovel-ready permit plans (included with design services)
  • Remove load bearing walls between the kitchen and dining room and between bathroom and hallway.
  • Install ~20’ beam immediately below ceiling in place of kitchen wall
  • Install vertical posts supporting the beam down to the slab foundation.
  • Install new hardwood floor, cabinets and and appliances in kitchen.
  • Install new gas line from basement to kitchen range and to exterior BBQ.
  • Move closet opening from hallway side of closet to foyer side of closet.
  • Install new doorway to the bathroom.
  • Move the toilet and sink to the opposite side of the bathroom.
  • Install new tub and new tile in the bathroom.
  • Upgrade electrical throughout the home.
  • Before

  • After

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