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Susan Lennon

Susan Lennon

Project Director

Los Angeles

“I’m excited to not only assist sellers in maximizing the potential of their homes while also creating an updated, beautiful, and functional dwelling for the new owner.”

From my earliest days, I was raised by my mother (who remains an active artist) to appreciate the elements of design and workmanship in everything from architecture to textiles, furniture, and food, After graduating from Le Lycée Français in Southern California, I moved to Paris, where I studied Design and Art History. Eventually I landed in New York with a career as a photo stylist, during which time I married and had my first child.

After returning to California and having my second child, I soon found myself single again and on my own, so I decided to change careers. Running a food catering business from home allowed me to spend more time with my children. Eventually, I met Kevin Lennon, an expert contractor/builder. We married and began our new blended family. He had two prior children, and together we added one more. Five kids in total, and happily married to this day!

Early on, I acted as a consultant for my husband’s construction company, Lennon Design, and thus began my 30 year career in design and construction. Concurrently, I was an active interior designer, opening my own antique store in Venice, CA. My interior design services were retained by private individuals and professional establishments alike, while at the same time I created unique furniture and lighting fixtures. Through my retail business, I was recruited to design the entire build out of Apple TV’s “Tastemade” in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX, as well as PBS’ “America’s Test Kitchen” in the iconic Boston, MA seaport. Interior design/construction became my focus, and in time I closed my store to devote all of my energy to follow this path.

I welcome challenges, and I especially love projects that engage my design knowledge and sense of creativity. Freemodel provides me with an opportunity to check all the boxes and allows me to utilize the many skills I have acquired over the last 30 years: construction, spatial planning, and design.

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