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Added Value in Mill Valley

$167,707 Profit
214% Return
Mill Valley, CA

Built in 1950, this contemporary 4 bd, 3.5 ba home in Mill Valley offers stunning views and unbeatable privacy. In anticipation for this home to be a hot commodity once it hit the market, agent Stephanie Lamarre of Golden Gate Sotheby's International Realty teamed up with project director Melissa Jones to bring every aspect of the property up to speed in order to impress today’s buyers.

The interior of the home already contained many sleek, modern finishes, so the team focused more on exterior cosmetic upgrades when compared to previous projects. Backyard landscaping and ADU improvements turned out to be the two main focal points of this project and required the most attention from local contractors.

To begin, Melissa directed the team to extend the cement front steps and elongate the front door landing, as well as resize and stain new gates around the front and back of the property. New plants were added to the backyard and the pergola was also washed and re-stained to give it a new look. Any stucco around the home’s exterior was freshly painted and new lighting was installed around the yard. The 1 bd, 1 ba ADU in the back of the home received new carpeting, fresh paint, new caulking in the bathroom, and touch-ups to the roof. The exterior of the ADU was sanded and stained, the exterior cement received a power wash, and fresh mulch was laid around the perimeter. On the inside of the main home, Melissa and the team freshly patched and painted every room, washed the windows, and repainted the stairwell railings.

Once all of the interior, exterior, and ADU upgrades were complete, the home sold for $3,550,000, earning the owners a 214% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: patched and painted walls, fresh paint on stairwell railings, window cleaning

- Bedrooms: new closet doors installed, carpet installed

- Exterior: front steps extended for the entryway, back gate resized, new backyard plants, fresh stucco paint, fresh paint for interior of storage room, stained and sealed side gate and pergola, power washed cement and steps at landing, exterior lighting installed

- ADU: new carpeting installed, shower caulking resealed, exterior sanding and staining, fresh interior paint, exterior cement power washed, roof touch-ups, fresh mulch laid

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