Yasmin Masinas | Contra Costa - East Bay | Freemodel
"I love working with a client to create an environment that evokes a certain desired emotion. Using the right materials, textures, and colors can transform a space into one they’ll be excited to live in day after day."

I've been in the residential design industry for over a decade and have been running my own small business for about 6 years now. My passion for art and design and my personal core values for authenticity and integrity have shaped my career path. I have worked in all facets of building a home, but I enjoy designing kitchens and bathrooms the most. It's exciting for me to work through challenges with my clients and turn them into solutions.

Outside of work, I really enjoy travel. It has served as a source of inspiration and has fueled my love for learning. It's even better when these journeys are shared with my family and close friends.

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