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Priyanka Chheda

Priyanka Chheda

Project Director

San Fernando Valley

"Each project is not just a building or a structure but an opportunity to solve unique challenges and enrich lives."

My journey in construction and architecture began at home, nurtured by a family deeply rooted in development. This early exposure led me to travel across 35+ countries and sample the architecture created by diverse cultures. After that I earned a Bachelor's degree in Architecture followed by a Master's from Pratt Institute in New York. Over 16 years in Los Angeles, I've curated a portfolio of builds, renovations, and expansions and have forged connections with clients that last well beyond project completion.

My profession combines my childhood dream with a deep satisfaction derived from creating a lasting legacy. With a keen eye for design and a love for watching concepts evolve into tangible structures, I enjoy the intricate blend of creativity and engineering that defines this field. Outside of design and architecture, I am mother to a spirited four-year-old. I cherish weekends spent exploring the outdoors.

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