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San Diego Sanctuary

$185,855 Profit
2032% Return
San Diego, CA

This 3 bed, 1.5 bath home in San Diego is situated on a quiet block and features an immaculate backyard, shaded patio, and avocado, peach, apple, pear, lime, orange, and macadamia trees! Agent Amy Spear of Pacific Sotheby's International Realty teamed up with project director Melissa Rondon to add some modern conveniences and design features to this home before it was made available to eager buyers. Under Melissa’s direction, some of the major upgrades included filling in holes and painting walls throughout the entire home, powerwashing and repainting the garage, and repairs to the paint and walls near the patio. Once this project concluded, the home sold for $945,000, earning the sellers a $185,855 profit and a 2032% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: Filled in holes and painted throughout, walls and baseboards

- Living room: Painted accent wall back to original color

- Bedroom 1 & 2: Painted walls, baseboards and trim

- Kids Room: Primed and painted walls, baseboard and closet, cut opening to inspect behind wall for mold, sanded and painted where mold was visible on wall, installed new closet floor,

- Guest bedroom: Removed blinds, filled holes and touch-up paint, taped, masked and textured drywall in closet

- Garage: Power cleaned and painted garage door, replaced particle board cabinet door, painted to match existing color

- Exterior: Repaired side west wall, front and back, patched and repaired primer and paint

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