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Exterior Upgrades in San Diego

San Diego

While Freemodel was not involved in updating the interior of the home, the team got busy to make sure that the front and backyards were ready to impress potential buyers.

To start off, the stucco and eaves were power washed and patched, and the fascia and wood trim were washed and painted. The garage door and the front door were cleaned and painted to freshen up the entries of the home, and the side exterior door was also washed and painted. In the yards, the boulders, pathway lanterns, extra bricks, weeds, dead shrubs, and overgrowth were all removed. The missing bricks on the stairs and retaining wall were filled in and planter boxes were also added. Mulch was also added throughout the yard and any remaining trash was hauled away.

Once this project was completed, the home sold for $1,200,000!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- Exterior: stucco and eaves power washed and patched, fascia and wood trim power washed and painted, garage door cleaned and painted, front door cleaned and painted, side exterior door cleaned and painted

- Landscaping: boulders, pathway lanterns, extra bricks removed, weeds, dead shrubs and overgrowth cleaned up, missing bricks on stairs and retaining wall filled in, planter boxes added, mulch added, trash hauled away

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