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San Diego Delight

$104,388 Profit
229% Return
National City, CA

Nestled in the heart of National City, this spacious 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence underwent a comprehensive revamp over a span of 3 weeks. Agent Maggie Clemens of KW San Diego Metro joined forces with the project director Melissa Rondon to turn this house into a modern haven before unveiling it to eager buyers. Across the entire residence, copper bars were installed to ground the house, paired with new light fixtures and essential safety upgrades, such as smoke and CO2 detectors on both the main floor and basement. The living room saw refreshed window panes, while the basement benefited from a sliding door glass repair. Other essential touches included window repairs in the laundry room, a chic vanity light in the bathroom, a cooling ceiling fan in the primary bedroom, and crucial drywall repairs under the kitchen sink. The studio was notably transformed with a lush new carpet, repaired window glass, fresh retexturing, and paintwork on its walls and ceilings. On the exterior, repairs to roof vent screens and the sterile door trim top were carried out, notably with a replacement for the electrical panel cover, ensuring the home's safety. Upon completion, this home sold for $825,000, resulting in a $104,388 profit for the sellers and a 229% return on their investment.

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

All house: Installed copper bar to ground house, installed new light fixtures, installed smoke detectors throughout main floor and basement, installed CO2 detectors throughout main floor and basement

Studio: New carpet and padding installed, replaced broken wood tack strip liner, repaired Window glass, retextured walls and ceilings, patched and painted, installed new light fixture

Exterior: Repaired 3 roof vent screens, repaired sterile door trim top, replaced electrical exterior panel cover

Living room: Repaired window panes

Basement: Repaired Sliding door glass

Laundry room: Repaired Window Glass

Bathroom 1: Installed Vanity light

Primary Bedroom: Installed new ceiling fan

Kitchen: Repaired drywall under kitchen sink cabinet, removed excess foam, patched drywall and painted white

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