Nicole Taylor | Tampa Bay Area | Freemodel
Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor

Project Director

Tampa Bay Area

"I love interior design because I enjoy building relationships with my clients and sharing my knowledge of design and eye for style."

With over 20 years’ experience in creating crisp luxury interiors, I’ve created hundreds of inviting designs to make clients' dreams come to life. My design aesthetic is to create styles that are classic and filled with character.

The home should be a balance of colors and pieces reminiscent of something from the client’s life. The color palette consists of soothing tones and pops of retro hues with neutrals to balance them. It’s an ever-evolving style that is of-the-moment, not too modern but not too traditional, while expertly mixing the latest looks with pieces from the past to create a purposeful, welcoming environment.

A love of travel and experiencing new places has brought me from Ohio to Tennessee, Arizona, and now Florida. In my free time, I’ll be at local shops looking for that next great design find or taking in the natural beauty of Florida’s beaches and trails with my daughter and two dogs.


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