Nick Williams | Los Angeles | Freemodel
Nick Williams

Nick Williams

Project Director

Los Angeles

"The best part of my real estate career is seeing the joy my clients get from their homes. It's a stressful world to navigate, but once you are done you can be proud of the product that has been delivered to them."

I am originally from a small town in Indiana but I have lived in Los Angeles for almost 17 years now, so I understand the landscape of this amazing city really well. I dove head first into the real estate industry in 2016, starting my own realty & development company and creating my own path. I have also worked on the construction side, designing and flipping dozens of homes for investors as well.

Outside of real estate I absolutely love sports­—it’s something that always seems to be a factor in my life. The driving force of motivation for me, hands down, is my beautiful family. I have an amazing wife and two young kids ages 4 and 6. Being a father figure is the ultimate experience; no question it’s the thing I am most proud of.

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