Marisa Barajas | Santa Cruz and Monterey | Freemodel
Marisa Barajas

Marisa Barajas

Project Director

Santa Cruz and Monterey

“I have a passion for helping clients translate their ideas and bringing them to life, including renovations, new build properties, and high-end homes. I love to help clients fall in love with their homes; clients’ personal stories are my inspirations for design!”

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz County, where I grew up with passion for creativity and a love for arts including interior design. After changing careers multiple times and working in banking for six years, I decided I needed to take it back to my true passion and pursue interior design. And I have not looked back since. I’ve been walking, living, and breathing interior design for almost ten years!

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in interior design from The Art Institute of CA, Silicon Valley. I’ve been working on residential projects since then, mostly minor commercial projects. I have worked in design firms around the Bay Area such as Burlingame, San Mateo and San Jose. Finding my way back home to Santa Cruz years ago, I have ventured out on my own.

Creating a beautiful and functional space is my ultimate goal. I’m an expert in interior detailing, space planning, architectural development, and learning new skills. As an interior designer I have learned to project-manage and learned that I enjoy that, too.

My favorite kind of days are family beach days! I consider any activity outdoors as being “for the win.” I believe in lazy Sundays filled with way too much coffee.

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