Louise Valeur | Sonoma | Freemodel
“What I like most about my job is transforming spaces into a fresh new look.”

Over the years, I’ve worked on commercial interiors, space planning, custom furniture design, ergonomic product design, manufacturing, and remodeling of residential homes for the real estate market. My career in interior design provides me with the enjoyable opportunity to work on a full spectrum of interior environments. Starting in 2010, I worked with a company as an interior designer, stager, and project director. Eventually I took on the role of lead designer on multimillion dollar remodeling projects, updating homes for the resale market. My role was critical to the growth of the company as we moved from staging homes and project management to the renovation of dozens of homes at a time. I transitioned from being responsible for my own projects to the role of supervising the design team in the selection of all finishes, fixtures, and lighting for each individual home.

On a personal level, I became more serious about painting and drawing in 2010, and followed this passion by maintaining an art studio throughout my career. Living in Sonoma has allowed me to see clearly how much the natural environment influences my artwork. This observation directed me to study more about Biophilia, which is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. I am drawn to interpret this personal connection to nature in an abstract format, and discover new ways to let it play out in my work. I have a deep commitment to painting, which has taught me the importance of exploration and to value the many lessons along the way.

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