Lisette Young | Inland Empire | Freemodel
"A well-designed home can change clients’ lives for the better. It gives me great fulfillment to see people happily using spaces I transformed, in ways they couldn't have imagined."

My love for home design started as a young child, when I would go to model homes and open houses with my parents. One project we visited was also a featured article on Houzz. It was then that I decided to further pursue my passion. In past years, I’ve designed interiors for award-winning architecture firms. This has been such a blessing as these experiences have enriched my knowledge and skills, giving me a deep understanding of creative flow, design in architecture, appropriate material selection, and the complex process of construction.

I approach designing spaces holistically. By taking careful consideration of a property’s environment, local influences, and the needs of the home’s future residents, I deliver highly functional, comfortable and delightful spaces.

Outside of work, I am also a full time mom and when I'm not home cooking, baking or designing, I like to go on hikes, walk on the beach, and take in classical music concerts. I am inspired constantly by the world we live in: art, nature, the ocean, and the night sky when the moon is full and the stars are bright.

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