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Kristi Weaver

Kristi Weaver

Project Director


“I love problem solving with creative ideas to give people a more enjoyable space.”

Born and raised in New Orleans, I was surrounded by inspiring art and creativity. At age seven or so, I realized that a different furniture arrangement in my bedroom created a new "flow" or "vibe" that made me happy. My father was a skilled woodworker and a builder, and he taught me a lot about working with tools and construction. After studying interior design at the University of Montevallo and Jefferson State College in Alabama, I started my career as a freelance design consultant for real estate investment companies, helping them select ideal homes for renovation and choosing finishes. This role exposed me to the process of reconstruction and I gained a wealth of knowledge on building materials and tricks of the trades from the GC's and subcontractors I interacted with daily.

Over the years I discovered that my passion is giving new life to old things, whether it's buildings or the items inside. I love architectural details, historical objects, and artistic or handmade design pieces. I enjoy helping people live more happily by transforming their spaces to evoke that new vibe or refreshed feeling that I discovered as a child.

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