Julie Hampton | Miami | Freemodel
"A renovation isn’t just about fixing a home; it’s about strategically turning a space into something more than just a place to live."

I’m all about helping homeowners like you breathe easy when they’re gearing up for a renovation. It’s all about handling the nitty-gritty where construction meets design and pulling off a project that just clicks. What excites me most about the process is seeing how much personal spaces can change.

I'm one of those project managers who got into remodeling by swinging a hammer (on occasion). Since the early 2000s, I’ve been deeply involved in the construction trades, and this experience naturally led me to obtain my residential contractor license and establish my own design-build firm. I’ve navigated the worlds where construction meets design, leading teams, shaping interior selections, and being part of remodels and new-build projects that have won local awards. I’ve honed my skills by learning from some of the top tradespeople and master craftsmen (and -women) in the industry.

When not scouring over construction documents or design selections, you’ll find me spoiling Bambi, my rescued Jack Russell Terrier. Having a little dog as my sidekick is the best! My husband and I are all about hitting the road with Bambi for a quick getaway, catching some live music, or checking out the latest spot to eat in town.

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