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Joel Rue

Joel Rue

Project Director

Orange County

"Building a home, whether starting from scratch or rebuilding an outdated property, is a great process. Seeing the transition from demoing a structure to the complete finished product is magnificent to see."

I have been in construction for 20 years; my career started out in Seattle, Washington building out commercial sites. When I moved to Newport Beach, California 15 years ago, I transitioned into residential construction. I quickly learned it was a more detailed and satisfying process; there is more detail and custom work involved, which can really makes the jobs fun.

I have been involved in everything from full ground-up construction to full remodels. I take pride in working closely with the developer or homeowner to build the dream home they are looking for, and ensure my crews and I are all on the same page regarding project vision and quality of work. Finish work in my eyes is the most important aspect of a great job: my team and I won’t leave a site until the final outcome is exactly the way it was drawn up.

I moved to Orange County to enjoy more of the outdoors and weather. I enjoy anything outdoors, like surfing, volleyball, hiking, camping, and taking my Golden Retriever to the beach for a swim.

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