Haley O'Neal | San Diego | Freemodel
Haley O'Neal

Haley O'Neal

Project Director

San Diego

“I’m driven to help people that are overwhelmed, too busy or just can’t figure out a cohesive plan. When they say ‘wow’ after I show them their remodel, it’s always satisfying.”

I am a creative soul hailing from the sun-kissed shores of Southern California and currently residing in the vibrant Carlsbad/San Diego region. My journey in the world of design began a decade ago when I discovered my innate talent for furnishing vacation homes. This initial spark ignited a series of transformations that led me to explore different avenues, from staging homes for real estate ventures to skillfully fixing and revamping properties for real estate. Today, my expertise lies in residential design. That’s me in a nutshell!

A true So Cal native, my life revolves around the things I hold dear - my cherished relationships with family and friends and my love for outdoor sports that keep me going and lower my stress levels. I recently celebrated the joyous milestone of getting engaged and embracing the beauty of life. When i'm not working on design project you can find me honing my skills at beach volleyball, a tennis match, exploring scenic hiking trails, or gliding across the waters on a paddleboard.

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