Derek Valencia | Dallas-Ft. Worth | Freemodel
Derek Valencia

Derek Valencia

Project Director

Dallas-Ft. Worth

"I have a personal goal to be the best steward for each property—to truly honor each home’s value by paying attention to details and being intentional with every decision."

I’ve always had heart for creating homes and spaces that people can feel safe around and enjoy living in. Prior to my career doing design and renovations, I worked in construction and production through the oil and gas industry. This experience provided me with a strong sense of project management and operations, which has helped tremendously with real estate makeovers.

After years of working with companies, real estate agents, and clients on residential renovations, I started to realize that it wasn’t simply just about repairing and updating. Through working with each property, I learned to appreciate the different characteristics and aesthetics each house has to offer. Now, from the first walkthrough, I get excited about the potential each home has. Working in this field allows you to be creative and experimental while always learning something new.

When not working on a renovation, I enjoy good food, drink, and music. Whether it’s at home or at a winery, I love finding new inspiration and better ways and materials to improve properties.

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