Corey Chetcuti | Sacramento | Freemodel
“I like helping people pull their ideas together to create a cohesive design they're proud of. This is especially fulfilling when they aren't sure how to start the design process.”

I’ve been designing homes and landscapes for over 20 years. I have had the experience of remodeling my own homes; in fact, I designed and built my own home from the ground up! I have a passion for architecture, design and our environment. This led me to degrees in Interior Architectural Design & Landscape Architecture, a LEED GA accreditation, and certifications as a ReScape Qualified Landscape Design Professional and ReScape Qualified Firescaping Professional. I’m a believer of Biophilic Design and our inherent need to be close to nature.

I’m a California native and the proud mother of three young adults, who are now living on their own. I like to spend my spare time with family and friends, which usually includes an outdoor activity, or working on a home project. Weekend escapes usually include going to the mountains, wine country, or the beach.

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