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Clark Hamon

Clark Hamon

Project Director


“I enjoy working with parties to envision a fabulous design and reap the satisfaction rewards once the project has come to successful completion.”

Originally from Texas, I spent 20 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Though my earlier career spanned multiple industries and countless job titles, I always had a love of renovating properties and bought, renovated, and sold several houses. About eight years ago, I decided to give up my tech job and go into real estate full time, launching a firm that acquires and renovates properties for rental and/or sale. I have always had a good sense of the design element of a house and what changes can be made to make it look more modern and comfortable. I also love the role of managing a team and watching a beautiful project come together into a move-in ready home for a new buyer.

A few years ago, I seized the opportunity to move back to Austin, TX with my family, and am proud to call myself a Texan again. When I’m not working, you may find me on our boat on Lake Travis or struggling with my clubs on the golf course. My wife and I like to travel frequently, and even having a toddler hasn’t kept us from several international trips since we have been blessed with his presence.

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