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Brooke Moore

Brooke Moore


In-House Design Team

    “A space coming together beautifully starts and ends with the smallest of details.”

    I began my Interior Design journey when I realized how much people’s environments affect their well-being. I was determined to leave something better than how I found it by creating beautiful spaces. I started by helping clients all across the country source furnishings, finishes, and decor, then moved into technical design, working with space planning for bathroom remodels. Since then, I have been designing kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms big and small. (There are so many finishes, fixtures, colors, and creative ideas that can be packed into a bathroom!)

    Whether I’m designing a space that appeals to the masses in order to increase market value or working with homeowners to create their dream spaces, I love doing it all. My favorite design style is what I call modern-organic. I love the sharp look and clean lines that a modern style gives, but there’s also such a warmth to an organic look with elements that are not so perfect. Mixing the two styles together creates my favorite type of balance in a space. To me, this style feels calm and relaxing, which is exactly the way I like to feel when I am at home.

    In my personal life, when I am not designing, I’m going on hikes with my dog, traveling to tropical places, or enjoying time with friends and family!

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