Anne-Marie Nguete | Houston | Freemodel
"To renovate is to rejuvenate. Simple things like paint, flooring, and lighting can transform an ordinary room into a space for creating extraordinary new memories."

As a child, I spent hours watching shows like Fixer Upper, captivated by the transformation of living spaces. I realized that the power to change people's lives by updating their living environments was something I yearned to make my life's work. I embarked on my college journey aspiring to become a civil engineer. But it soon became apparent that my true calling lay in interior design. After three years, I transferred to the School of Art and Design at Georgia State University to get my BFA in interior architecture and design.

Post-graduation, I relocated to Houston, where I landed my first job as an interior designer. I cherished the experience but felt a growing desire to integrate my passion for design with a comprehensive understanding of the construction realm. This led me on a new path into construction management. Joining Freemodel provides me with the perfect opportunity to leverage my background in interior design while gaining invaluable insights into construction processes.

When the work whistle isn't blowing, you can catch me on sister adventures, city escapades, trying out the newest restaurants and indulging in quiet reading sessions.

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