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Anelise Hunziker

Anelise Hunziker

Project Director

San Francisco

“Every residence is an extension of its occupants—our homes are the reflections of our truest forms.”

My fascination for planning and design has been evident since my childhood. My professional experience began soon after graduating from the University of San Diego with a BA in Architecture and International Business. I have worked as a residential and commercial interior designer and project manager and have managed and staged homes as well. I have a practiced eye for what makes a home sell.

I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively—I never miss out on a chance to explore— and the more I see the world, the less I believe in a formulaic design methodology. Instead I follow a client-centric approach, helping my customers strengthen their personal connections to their spaces. I embrace an eco-conscious methodology and creative aesthetics.

I am proud to have been born and raised in San Francisco. When I’m not working, I’m enjoying the endless restaurants the city has to offer, planning my next trip to somewhere I haven’t yet been, or escaping it all with a retreat into nature.

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