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Allanah Barnes

Allanah Barnes

Project Director


"A home will last way longer than we will. It is a great honor to leave beauty for others to enjoy in the future."

As a child I loved fashion. Years later I realized interior design is the way you express fashion in a home. After college, I pursued a real estate license, but realized that I wanted to do more for the home and for the person buying it. It only took a few new homeowners to show me that many people don't know what drives the value of a home. That’s why I now specialize in design and renovations.

Watching the market change so much and homes change so little inspires me to help create change. I feel like every space has the potential to be a great (and profitable) one with the proper team. No matter what the condition is there is always something you can do to enhance the value!

I enjoy spending my free time in nature exploring new beaches, trails, and places to paddle board. This year, I'm looking forward to getting into fishing and boating!

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