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Picturesque in San Pablo

$196,053 Profit
401% Return
San Pablo, CA

This mid-century 3 bd, 2 ba home in San Pablo had the perfect foundation: bright lighting, an open concept kitchen, an inviting patio, and ample landscaping opportunities in the backyard. Agent Rayne Palmer of BHG Re Reliance Partners teamed up with project director Cygridh Rooney with the goal of highlighting these very features, all while adding a modern twist in order to attract new buyers.

Alongside local contractors, Cygridh directed the team to start by repairing all drywall, repainting walls, and refinishing hardwood flooring throughout the home. The entryway got a makeover with a new pendant light and an eye-catching, modern coat of red paint on the front door. Over in the kitchen, new recessed ceiling lights were installed, along with new natural stone countertops, new shelving, a new tile backsplash, and new stainless steel appliances. The bathrooms benefitted from new vanity lights, new fans, new sink faucets, new mirrors, and new hardware accents. These upgrades helped to refresh the bathrooms by making them feel more open and bright. Moving to the exterior of the home, details such as new plants and fresh mulch helped to accentuate the existing landscape and provide space for gardening or relaxing on the patio!

Once this project wrapped up and the home was listed on the market, it sold for $870,000, which offered the owners a $196,053 and 401% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: upgrades to the front door, all flush mount ceiling lights replaced, new pendant light in entryway, drywall repair, and fresh paint

- Kitchen: new recessed ceiling lights, new natural stone countertops, new shelves, and cabinet hardware, new sink and faucet, new backsplash, new wall oven

- Bathrooms: new vanity lights and fans, new sink faucet, new mirror, new hardware

- Exterior: landscaping touch-ups

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  • After

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