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Mid-Century Makeover in Studio City

$682,186 Profit
313% Return
Studio City, CA

This captivating Mid-Century California Ranch combines contemporary luxury paired with a modern makeover. The home features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, beautiful outdoor entertainment spaces, and a backyard pool - all located on a private, cozy cul-de-sac. Agent Michael J. Okun of Sotheby’s International Realty teamed up with Project Director Lillian Lageyre to breathe new life across this sweeping ⅓-acre lot nestled in the beautiful woods of Studio City.

To get started, Lillian directed the team to patch and paint all of the walls, ceilings and trim around the house. Every door was upgraded with new privacy doorknobs and the front door was swapped out for a new modern glass and light wood installment. The brick around the fireplace and in the kitchen and dining room was all freshly painted and repaired, and new lighting was added throughout the home. In the kitchen, the ceiling lights were upgraded, new floating shelves were installed next to the range, and quartz countertops were installed. A new farm sink was added with the addition of a new sink faucet, garbage disposal, and hardware. A new tile backsplash was included in the remodel and a new island cabinet was placed in the center of the kitchen to maximize use of the space. The bedrooms benefitted from new LED lighting being installed and new drawer knobs added to the dresser. Moving on to the primary bathroom, the team got busy and added a new freestanding bathtub with a new drain kit. A new sink and faucet were installed, along with a modern vanity mirror and hardware throughout the room. The shower was upgraded with new glass, new tile walls and a new fixed shower head. The baseboards were replaced in the room and new tile flooring was laid throughout. In the second bathroom, a new toilet was added, along with a new prefab vanity cabinet, sink, vanity mirror and hardware. That shower also received new glass and a new fixed shower head. The baseboards were replaced and new tile flooring was added throughout.

On the exterior of the home was upgraded with fresh stucco and paint to areas that needed repair, as well as repairs made to the front porch wood. Any of the missing stone on the entry walkway was replaced, and new lighting was added along the porch. Modern house address numbers were included in the exterior makeover and any of the missing roof tiles were replaced. Additionally, the front yard grass was seeded, hedges and ivy trimmed, fresh mulch was laid, and plant beds were added next to the pool. A new gate and latch were added for the backyard shed and new tile was laid around the pool. The pool also got a thorough acid wash and new drain covers to finish the job.

Upon completion of this project, the home sold for $3,500,000, offering the owners a $682,186 profit and 313% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: new front door installed, new privacy doorknobs installed, new hardwood flooring, all walls, ceilings and trim patched and painted, new brick around fireplace, dining room and kitchen, new lighting, new white oak engineered floors throughout the home (except laundry and bathrooms)

- Kitchen: new recessed lighting installed, new farm sink installed, new faucet installed, garbage disposal installed, new hardware installed, new floating wood shelves installed next to range, new tile for backsplash, new countertops, new kitchen island cabinet, removed low hanging apron and soffit above range, added new hood and new quartz countertops

- Bedrooms: new LED lighting installed, new drawer knobs

- Primary bathroom: new fixed shower head, new freestanding bathtub installed, new bathtub drain kit, new toilet handle installed, new sink installed, new sink faucet installed, new vanity installed, new mirror installed, new wood baseboards installed, new shower glass, new hardware installed, new tile flooring installed, new tile walls in shower and around tub

- Bathroom #2: new shower head installed, new toilet installed, new prefab vanity cabinet and sink installed, new vanity mirror installed, new wood baseboards installed, new shower glass, new hardware installed, new tile flooring, new tile walls in shower and around tub

- Exterior: front porch wood repaired, exterior walls patched, stuccoed and painted entire exterior of the home, front yard grass seeded, hedges and ivy trimmed, mulch laid, plant beds added in front walk up and next to pool, missing stone parts on entry walkway replaced, new gate and latch for pool shed, new porch lighting, new address numbers, replacement of any missing roof tiles

- Pool: new tile throughout, acid wash, new drain covers

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