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Historic Craftsman Charm in Anaheim

$66,908 Profit
202% Return
Anaheim, CA

Agent Meghan Shigo of Century 21 Award teamed up with Project Director Dee Wise to thoughtfully restore this 110-year-old colonial home in Anaheim that was originally built in 1913. Extreme care was taken with this historic home to protect the solid wood floors, protect the porch, and masking of all surfaces. Painted surfaces were primed, plus 2 coats of finish in all areas, except closets, can be primed with one coat of finish. Doors were stained with specific stain and processes to match existing doors recently stained. Major upgrades included richly refinishing the hardwood floors throughout, patching and painting all rooms, upgrades to the staircase, bathroom refinishing, and exterior landscaping.

Upon completion of this project, the home sold for $950,000, earning the owners a $66,908 profit and a 202% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: Drywall patches primed, textured if needed, and painted. Wood was stripped from old paint using a chemical base stripper, heat gun, and sanding. All bare wood that needed paint received priming. Primer selection ensured that there would be no bleed-through of wood tanning through the top coat. Two coats of primer were applied to ensure the topcoat won’t peel off. Paint brushed and rolled to match existing texture and brush marks throughout the house where it's already painted. The ceilings received light sanding. New smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors were installed.

- Bedrooms: Doors on the first floor were stained and sealed. New door knobs installed.

- Hall bathroom: Reglazed freestanding clawfoot bathtub inside of the tub and all sides including feet, new bathroom door installed. Installed client-supplied pedestal sink and faucet. Installed polished chrome D-style shower rod.

- Dining room: Fabricated and installed 3 new drawer boxes and soft close slides for 3 drawers at the butler pantry. Installed magnetic stops on two hinges doors at the butler pantry.

- Staircase: Sanded stair spindles, primed and painted and stair rails, stained to match existing handrails. New stair railing, guard railing, banisters, and spindles installed.

- Landscaping: Landscaped front flower bed by the porch, pulled weeds, and added colorful flowers for impact.

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