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Beaming Returns in Berkeley

$79,094 Profit
305% Return
Berkeley, CA

This 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom open-concept floor plan home in west Berkeley features beautiful hardwood floors, sunny windows, and direct access to a private landscaped backyard. With a spacious family room, detached 2-car garage, and close proximity to walking paths along the coastline, this home was sure to attract attention from local buyers. Agent Eddie O'Sullivan of Elevation Real Estate teamed up with project director Cygridh Rooney to spruce up important interior details and add some convenient, modern touches before this home hit the market.

To get started, Cygridh directed her team to update all of the door panel inserts, doorknobs, and locks throughout the home. The only bathroom in the home underwent a major removal, with the addition of a new vanity light, a new fan, a new wall heat vent grate, and new tile flooring installed. Additionally, the tub was refinished, the toilet was uninstalled and reset, and a new prefab vanity cabinet, countertop, vanity mirror, and double sinks were installed. New hardware was included throughout the room, new wood baseboards were added, and the tile wallers were painted. Over in the kitchen, the flush mount ceiling lights were replaced and the recessed ceiling lights were upgraded. Moving on to the bedrooms, all of the door inserts were freshly painted and the actual doors were touched up. New door knobs were installed and modern closet door hardware was added.

Once this project wrapped up, the home sold for $1,100,000, netting the sellers a $79,094 profit and 305% return on their investment!

Freemodel’s scope of work for this project included:

- All rooms: new plywood door panel inserts installed, new doorknobs and locks throughout home

- Bathroom: new wall heat vent grate, vanity light replaced, new fan installed, tub refinished, new fixed shower head installed, new tile flooring installed, toilet uninstalled and reset, new prefab vanity cabinet, counter, and double sinks installed, new vanity mirror installed, new hardware installed, new wood baseboards installed, tile walls painted

- Kitchen: flush mount ceiling light replaced, recessed ceiling lights replaced

- Bedrooms: fresh paint on all door inserts, paint touch ups on all doors, new door knobs installed, new closet door hardware

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