Satsha Lopez-Jaimes | Sacramento | Freemodel
Satsha Lopez-Jaimes

Satsha Lopez-Jaimes

Project Director


“Seeing peoples' vision come to life is gratifying. We have the power to change nothing into something, and I love that.”

I am obsessed with everything the mid-century movement has given us. Growing up, I wished to be a Bauhaus student, which inspired me to become an interior designer. At 23, I decided to take the courage to move to the US to finish my education and focus on my career (I'm originally from Venezuela, but a Cali girl at heart). Throughout my career, I have worked closely with top international architects and clients in-person and virtually across the Norcal Area, Austin, TX, and Mexico. Today, I have 5+ years of experience in residential and hospitality design; as a designer, I thrive on adding functionality to aesthetics and improving spaces.

I was made for sunny days, so for most of my free time, you will find me riding around Norcal with my husband on our motorcycle. I also enjoy spending time with my dogs, exploring new places, and learning about their culture through food. So if you need advice on where to eat or grab a coffee around the city, I am your girl!

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