Melanie Strieder | Miami | Freemodel
“As a change maker, I find it very fulfilling to see the end product of something that didn’t exist before and watching it make my clients happy.”

Being able to work in a profession that I genuinely enjoy is a huge privilege that I cherish every day. I have been working on high-rise residential projects and single-family renovations for the past 12 years, and started my interior design practice three years ago. The most recent project I’ve worked on is a 62-story, 936-unit high rise rental building in New York City called Hudson Yards, which took six years to complete. I love the ability to work with my clients and find creative solutions for a wide range of amenity spaces and for people’s homes.

Outside of working on projects, I enjoy playing tennis, traveling, and painting. My most recent travels brought me to Japan, which was such an inspiring experience to see a vastly different culture from the US, and the ability to enjoy the wonderful food, history, and nature of the country. Being able to travel to such unique places has a great influence on how I approach design solutions and brings about opportunities to create spaces that are welcoming to everyone.

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