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Katherine Edmonds

Katherine Edmonds

Project Director

West Palm Beach

“I am passionate about planning and creating beautiful, calming and practical spaces with high-quality materials and finishes.”

I recently moved to West Palm Beach from New York City where I was living for the past 15 years running my business as a creative director / clothing designer and more recently as an interior designer / project manager. After remodeling homes of my own throughout the years and working with clients on smaller residential projects, I was hired two years ago to design and manage an exciting, larger project: renovating/restoring a lovely country house in upstate New York.

I enjoy rethinking some aspects of spaces and layouts, yet always maintaining a cohesive flow with the original architecture of the home. Along with sourcing and designing, I love the technically creative aspect of collaborating and troubleshooting with each subcontractor in his or her specific area of expertise. I am passionate about design, beautiful materials, high quality craftsmanship, comfort, and functionality.

After work, you’ll find me in my spacious, open kitchen with adjacent sitting area, so I can cook while friends and family are nearby relaxing and socializing. I also spend my time landscaping and creating great outside spaces for cooking (grilling) and entertaining.

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