Hayley Kidd | Inland Empire | Freemodel

I am a project manager and interior designer based in Los Angeles. At the age of 20, I started to flip houses and fell in love with all things interior design, so I decided to further my education and attend NYIAD. I have been in the industry now for eight years specializing in residential, commercial, and exterior spaces as well. Interior design has always been a strong passion of mine, one I’m so grateful to have found at such an early age. Turning my client's home into a space they look forward to coming home to makes me passionate about my job.

As a former professional figure skater for 17 years, I'm always trying to stay active in all aspects of my life. In my free time, I like to snowboard, go on hikes with my four huskies, and attend hot yoga class with my girlfriends. My husband is a General Contractor, and I love to partner with him to flip houses and do renovations on our own home. With a newly remodeled home and still small projects being done, we're always staying busy!

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